Uci catalogue

Uci catalogue

Current UCI students can make progress toward their degree year round. Enrollment opens March 2, Click here for details. Enjoy the flexibility of learning online! More than 80 online courses are offered during the summer. View online course offerings here. For details, click here, then click on your respective program.

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Students visiting from abroad are encouraged to join our Visiting International Program, an immersive and engaging study abroad experience at UCI. Rising high school juniors and seniors are invited to enroll in college courses with other college students.

Learn more by clicking here. Get ahead. Graduate sooner. Make progress toward your degree year round. Please enable JavaScript before using this website. Your firewall or browser settings may be blocking your ability to submit online payments. If you're experiencing problems, please try an alternative enrollment method or call Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of learning online.

In summeryou will Pay for Only 8 units!

uci catalogue

View Courses. What type of student are you?With engineering as the driving force in economic areas such as health care, communications, and sustainability, it is critical to rethink what it means to be an engineer. The academic mission of the Samueli School is to advance engineering discovery through the creation of original scholarship and research applied to societal grand challenges, to educate and train the next generation of global innovators, and to provide a technological edge to industry by facilitating technology transfer and talent acquisition.

The school includes six academic departments: biomedical engineering; chemical and biomolecular engineering; civil and environmental engineering; electrical engineering and computer science; materials science and engineering; and mechanical and aerospace engineering.

We offer undergraduate degrees in a wide range of traditional and emerging fields. Students have choices and can take advantage of the many opportunities available to them.

The first year of study for each engineering major is similar, designed to allow exploration of the foundations of engineering and selection of a program that best fits each student's individual interests. All engineering programs combine science, engineering fundamentals, design principles and application, and a culminating design experience. Students are encouraged to participate in research and hands-on engineering design opportunities to develop the practical skills needed for graduate study or employment.

The school is also committed to increasing diversity in engineering. The Office of Access and Inclusion supports the recruitment, retention, and graduation of undergraduate and graduate students from populations underrepresented in engineering.

Faculty quality has remained high while increasing steadily in number and diversity over the past few years, giving students a remarkable range of expertise in engineering and with it, a large number of different advanced courses and research opportunities.

Aerospace Engineering considers the flight characteristics, performance, and design of aircraft and spacecraft.

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An upper-division series of courses in aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, and control follows a common core with Mechanical Engineering.

The skills acquired in those courses are integrated in the capstone aerospace design course. The intent of the program is to produce highly proficient engineers who can tackle the aerospace engineering challenges of the future.

Biomedical Engineering applies engineering principles to solve complex medical problems and focuses at improving the quality of health care by advancing technology and reducing costs.

Examples include advanced biomedical imaging systems, the design of microscale diagnostic systems, drug delivery systems, and tissue engineering. Biomedical Engineering: Premedical shares introductory engineering courses with Biomedical Engineering, but replaces senior engineering laboratories and design courses with biology and organic chemistry courses required by medical schools for admission.

The intent of the program is to produce students with a basic engineering background who are qualified to enter medical school. Chemical Engineering applies the knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, and humanities to solve societal problems in areas such as energy, health, the environment, food, textiles, shelter, semiconductors, and homeland security.

UCI Division of Continuing Education

Employment opportunities exist in various industries such as chemical, petroleum, polymer, pharmaceutical, food, textile, fuel, consumer products, and semiconductor, as well as in local, state, and federal governments.

Civil Engineering addresses the challenges of large-scale engineering projects of importance to society as a whole, such as water distribution, transportation, and building design. Computer Engineering addresses the design and analysis of digital computers, including both software and hardware.

Computer design includes topics such as computer architecture, VLSI circuits, data base, software engineering, design automation, system software, and data structures and algorithms. Computer Science and Engineering is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of computer science, both hardware and software, and the application of engineering concepts, techniques, and methods to both computer systems engineering and software system design.

The program gives students access to multidisciplinary problems in engineering with a focus on total systems engineering. Students learn the computer science principles that are critical to development of software, hardware, and networking of computer systems.

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From that background, engineering concepts and methods are added to give students exposure to circuit design, network design, and digital signal processing.Jeremy was initially waitlisted at UCI. But within minutes of receiving his acceptance letter, he leapt at the chance to attend UCI. UCI notifies each transfer applicant of their admission status via the Applicant Portal. Pacific Daylight Time.

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The Psychology and Social Behavior major focuses on human behavior in social contexts, and variations in social environments family, school, work that affect human behavior over the life span. The Nursing Science major prepares students to function as generalists in professional nursing practice and to collaborate with other health care providers in clinics, hospitals, and community health settings. Main Content Unique. Just like you. Here, you make the difference. Click to view on Instagram.

Further Explore Campus.

uci catalogue

Campus Tours. Monday - Friday, p. You've got to see it to believe it, come visit campus to see what makes UCI different. More Than 80 Areas of Study. Psychology and Social Behavior The Psychology and Social Behavior major focuses on human behavior in social contexts, and variations in social environments family, school, work that affect human behavior over the life span.

Learn More. Nursing Science The Nursing Science major prepares students to function as generalists in professional nursing practice and to collaborate with other health care providers in clinics, hospitals, and community health settings.

Do you have what it takes to become an Anteater? Apply Nov.City of Irvine uses Rec1 for online registration. Use your Facebook or Google account to login or create your account. We only access your name and email for login purposes. You will not be able to enroll your child in certain City programs without completing this online form. You can also call or email yourirvine cityofirvine. City of Irvine. Forgot Password? Log In. Policies Help.

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uci catalogue

Close Send Message. Classes Postponed Fri, Mar 13, Withdrawals If you wish to withdraw, please email yourirvine cityofirvine. Aquatics, Camps, Leagues, and After School programs have program-specific withdrawal guidelines as noted below. Changes must be made prior to a. An email will be sent by City staff to confirm all withdrawals and changes. Any request for service or change of service made after a. Any accommodation made after a. If a participant misses a class session, no credits or make-up sessions will be available.

Requests received between one and nine days prior to the start date are processed less 50 percent of the enrollment fee. Requests received on or after the start date are not eligible for refund.

Learn to Swim requests must be emailed to aquatics cityofirvine. If a participant misses a session, no credits or make-up sessions will be available. Requests received between two and nine days prior to the start date are processed less 50 percent of the enrollment fee. Requests received 24 hours before the start date are not eligible for refund. Classes with one to three session dates and tennis lessons : Requests must be received one week prior to start date for a full refund less withdrawal fee.

Classes with four or more session dates: Requests must be received three days prior to second class meeting for a full refund less withdrawal fee. Earlier notice is preferred to accommodate waitlisted participants. Excursions or Special Events: Withdrawals are not eligible for refunds.

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Refunds If you wish to withdraw, please email yourirvine cityofirvine. Participant-requested refunds are subject to the Withdrawal Guidelines. Credit Card transactions : will be refunded to original card used. Cash and Check transactions : will be refunded by check.Many of our library services are still operating and our library employees are working remotely to help you. Site Feedback.

Use your UC credentials to login to the HathiTrust Digital Libraryand then check-out in copyright books for online reading access for renewable one-hour loans. You can also still, as before, read and download public domain books at will. The Ex Libris Alma platform and Primo solution will help UC campus libraries, regional storage facilities, and the California Digital library collaborate more efficiently, while also enhancing their end-user experience.

Swank, on the other hand, offers a carefully curated selection of of the most requested Hollywood feature films.

How to Register for Classes at UCI

More information about these new databases, and many others, is on the Streaming Media Guide. Overleaf is designed to make the process of writing, editing and producing research papers and project reports faster and easier for research collaborators.

To learn more and create your free Overleaf Professional Pro account today. Undergraduates : schedule a minute consultation that focuses on your research needs.

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Faculty and graduate students : please contact your subject librarian to set up an appointment to discuss your specific research questions. Email a librarian!

A response is guaranteed within 24 hours Monday through Friday excluding holidays and the Winter Administrative Recess. Please check the UCI Libraries hours calendar for holidays and recesses. For more information see the Service Guidelines. Site Search. Library Search Search articles, books and more. Almost Everything. Library Catalog. Course Reserves. Melvyl Catalog Search Melvyl Catalog. Site Search Site Search. Libraries Web. Search Library Search Melvyl Search site.

Close modal window. Available round-the-clock! Real-time, chat reference service is provided by reference staff from various academic libraries. UC Irvine librarians will follow up with additional information if needed. FAQ and Privacy Statement. Need Help Pop Up. Need Help?

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Close Need help. Quicklinks Library Search. Melvyl Catalog. Spread the Word.The campus has produced three Nobel laureates and is known for its academic achievement, premier research, innovation and anteater mascot. UCI is a center for quality education that fosters passionate, enthusiastic and ongoing expansion of knowledge and approaches to scholarship.

UCI is improving lives through the investigation, discovery and dissemination of knowledge in numerous forms to all levels of society. UCI students, faculty and staff reach beyond the classrooms and laboratories to address social issues and improve the human condition. UCI combines the strengths of a major research university with the bounty of an incomparable Southern California location. Visit the Campus Maps page for the best way to reach UCI and locate intended campus destinations, as well as nearby parking options.

The Visitor Center welcomes prospective students and their parents, alumni and all visitors who want to know more about the university. We are looking into the possibility of running some events virtually. Please check with the event planner for further details. Claire Trevor School of the Arts is UCI's center for innovative, creative engagement in art in all of its facets: production, critique, appreciation and development.

Our mission is to facilitate and enrich the education and personal growth of students through their participation in competitive NCAA Division I athletics. All UCI students, regardless of major, should have serious and meaningful exposure to the creative arts. In addition, we seek to strengthen the connections between UCI and our regional arts and culture centers and institutions.

UCI Health provides the highest quality healthcare to Orange County and surrounding communities through its world-class physicians, surgeons and clinical staff.

Founded inthe UCI Alumni Association offers an enriching and supportive hub for graduates, fosters lifelong Anteater pride and welcomes non-alumni community participation. Learn simple steps to be better prepared for an emergency — at work and at home. Skip to main content. Toggle primary navigation UCI homepage. Congratulations to all admitted Anteaters! Class of share their UCIYes moments. Take a virtual tour of campus. The Buzz. Wellness support services provided for UCI employees Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute is offering mindfulness, acupressure, yoga, massage and stress management sessions.

Chemistry faculty launch antiviral research project Scientists combine their diverse skills in collaborative effort to hobble COVID A revolution of words African American studies chair Frank Wilderson puts Afropessimism on the map with new book.

Repeated novel coronavirus media exposure may be linked to psychological distress Earlier UCI studies found adverse health outcomes from heightened stress response. Chad T.The most common reason for requesting a course description would be to provide the description to another academic institution in order to determine course equivalency. Descriptions of current and previous courses at UCI can be obtained by accessing the UCI General Catalogue for the appropriate year and using the print feature.

You also have the option of requesting a course description from the Registrar's Office. For a fee, the Registrar will provide a photocopy of your requested course description s from the General Catalogue for the appropriate year.

Search Registrar site:. Course Descriptions The most common reason for requesting a course description would be to provide the description to another academic institution in order to determine course equivalency.

Click here for the index of Catalogues. Click on the PDF version of the Catalogue. Scroll to the Table of Contents page which will be toward the beginning of the Catalogue. If available, it may be helpful to refer to your academic transcript to obtain the department that offered the course, the course number, and the course title.

Navigate to that page. Note that the page number printed in the Table of Contents may not match the PDF page exactly, but it will be close. Navigate to the course description you are searching for. The Catalogue page is printable. If printing using "actual size," the Catalogue year might not print visibly.

If so, adjust your printer settings to use the "fit" option. Note: When printing from the Catalogue, landscape orientation is recommended. University Registrar. UCI Home. General Catalogue. Course Descriptions.

University Registrar registrar uci.


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